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Ivana Grimsley

Ivana Grimsley

Training Specialist

Ivana Grimsley is a Training Specialist at ParentSquare, dedicated to empowering educators through effective communication and engagement strategies. With 8 years of teaching experience and a background as an instructional manager for a virtual school, Ivana has experience developing processes for the implementation of curriculum in the virtual environment. Ivana has a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education, and a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership.Her educational background serves as a strong foundation for her understanding of the needs and challenges faced by educators and educational institutions.

Passionate about supporting educators, Ivana is dedicated to providing effective training sessions and helping teachers and administrators build knowledge and practice skills necessary for them to be successful. At ParentSquare, Ivana develops and delivers comprehensive user training for the adoption of the ParentSquare platform that equip educators with the necessary tools to enhance parent-school communication and foster student success. Outside of work, Ivana enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband going on "glamping" adventures, fishing, and soaking up the Florida sunshine.