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Nathan James

Nathan James

Customer Success Specialist

Nathan brings over a decade of customer service experience, honing his skills in various industries. After serving in the Army from 2008 to 2012, he transitioned to a career focused on communication systems. In 2012, Nathan began his customer service journey, providing exceptional support and building strong client relationships. In 2019, he found his passion in edtech, joining Gabbart Communications. There, Nathan excelled in guiding schools to leverage innovative solutions for enhanced communication and student engagement. With a dedication to helping schools stay connected, Nathan is committed to making a difference as a Customer Success Specialist.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Nathan finds true joy in his personal life. He is happily married to Stefanie and is a proud father of two children, Tallon (6 years old) and Farrah (11 years old). Nathan cherishes spending quality time with his family, whether it's exploring nature by taking a trip down the river or indulging in his passion for all things Nintendo-related.